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Comprehensive Measurement III: The future of machine calibration

Company / Organizer Renishaw
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  • Past Event, On Demand
  • Original Date: May 25, 2021

This webinar series will focus on what machine calibration consists of, why machine calibration is important, and how machine calibration is performed with industrialised tools. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation, don’t miss the chance to interact with the Renishaw expert.

Webinar highlights

Webinar 1

Comprehensive Measurement I: Comprehensive measurement and industrialised tools

In this first of a three-part series, we will introduce the principle of comprehensive measurement, including the difficulties and benefits of measuring fully and how industrialized tools can make this feasible in a manufacturing environment. We will delve into what comprehensive measurement means in both the machine assembly and verification stages, and compare between different methods widely available today.

Webinar 2

Comprehensive Measurement II: The importance and difficulties of roll measurement

In this webinar we will dive into the hidden error sources within machine motion systems and put a highlight on a key but often overlooked degree of freedom - ‘Roll’. We will discuss why roll is widely overlooked yet it has been shown to be the secret source of the majority of straightness and linear errors in machines.

Webinar 3

Comprehensive Measurement III: The future of machine calibration

In the final webinar we will look at how the combination of comprehensive measurement with suitably industrialised tools unlock new capabilities for machine assembly, verification, diagnostics and performance enhancement. We will touch on some of the new features currently available to us and those that are just over the horizon.

Key presenter

Meet our presenter:

Mr. Phillip Sowole, Calibration Business Development Manager

  • Product/business development manager for Calibration products Asia pacific
  • Previously design & development engineer and product leader for XM-60 and XK10 respectively
  • Technical expert for comprehensive measurement and alignment lasers for industrial measurement

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